Education Is Life Podcast

If you were to start from scratch and recreate schooling - what would you do? But,It’s more than what would you do - it has to start with why would you do it at all?

If Dewey was right and Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. Then it’s more than recreating school, it’s recreating life.

Welcome to the Education is Life podcast where we are having honest discussions on the state of education: where it is, where it can be, and all of the stories in between.

Each week, the founder of Greenfields Academy, Rob Huge, will do his best to not yell and scream about how broken schooling is today but offer a brief moment of hope that there is a better way. One that honors the needs of our children and our world, rather than our entrenched interests and ties from the past.

We want everyone to be thinking actively and honestly about what life we are offering our children and does it live up to our obligations as parents and educators.

Greenfields Academy is a Private school based out of Chicago, IL and part of the Acton Academy network of schools. To learn more about our school, visit